Cleaning, protecting, and maintaining the value of our customers’ homes and offices is what we love doing at 716 Window Cleaning. We are your go-to source in the Lockport, New York area for professional window washing services and a whole lot more. Contact us today and let us exceed your expectations for a top-of-the-line cleaning.




How often should I get my windows cleaned?

We recommend you have your windows cleaned outside twice a year (every six months) and inside once a year. This helps to prevent hard water and other stains from building up on your windows which will in turn increase the work needed and cost involved the next time they are cleaned.

Why should I have my windows cleaned professionally when I can do it myself?

Short answer is it really does make a difference. Paper towels and Windex just doesn’t do the job satisfactorily. Plus, window cleaning can be a dangerous job involving ladders. High Five Window Cleaning has more than 20 great years of experience cleaning windows and our reviews show it. Window Cleaning also is a good way to make a great impression with friends, family and visitors, whether you are trying to sell your home, having a party or just want your house to stand out on the block. People do notice. Choose us and see the results.

Will you burn, kill or harm any of my plants, bushes, grass?

Being conscientious homeowners ourselves we understand the pride in having a nice yard. Accordingly we take extra precautions to make sure nothing is harmed during our cleaning process We want you to have a clean house, roof , windows etc to go with your beautiful yard.

What soap do we use?

It is a secret but we will say we use a professional grade cleaner that is tough on dirt, but safe for your plants, animals and home, and gets the job done. The real secret is in the squeegee blade itself.


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